2018 Bridal MAkeup experiences

As a Pro HMUA, I take great pride and honor in helping to create an unforgettable magical experience for YOU!
Relaxation, confidence, feeling and looking amazing, and totally luxury in pampering for your wedding day!
Experienced in taking care of over 45 Brides each year and over 350+ weddings!  

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Beauty is important but is also about the Bridal Experience....4 amazing Experiences to choose from! 

 Photo credit- a.jo.FOTOTGRAFI

Photo credit- a.jo.FOTOTGRAFI

1. ~~EXCLUSIVE bridal "Platinum" VIP RED CARPET WEDDING DAY MAKEUP  EXPERIENCE~~ This is the #1 most requested and Brides always tell me it was the best decision they made!!
(*You may add the Makeup Preview option to this Experience....)


For the Red Carpet Onsite Makeup Service….. I travel to YOU to bring fun, relaxation and beauty on wedding day!  I continue to stay with you as your personal MUA taking care of all touchups for you during all photos before the ceremony. I take care of all the things you may not think about…..  lip color retouch after eating, controlling flyaway hairs or curls fading,  watering eyes, blotting happy Tears, Wind damage to hair, Hot weather (sweating) , Cold weather (Red or runny noses yes I do this! :)  ) and Rain damage, and more. Providing an umbrella to keep you perfect on rain days and a fan for hot ones! I am there to be a “live photoshop” onsite so it makes your photographer’s job with editing easier later! South Dakota weather can be crazy and it is my main goal to anticipate all the beauty things so you don't have to think about! You feel pampered, looking perfect and experience the feeling of a Red Carpet Celebrity! 


  • A complimentary detailed Contract
  •  The Wedding Day Bridal Makeup session (hand applied airbrush foundation with long wear sealer)
  • A detailed Wedding day Appointment Itinerary if needed created just for you so that you know exactly what will be happening on wedding day morning. 
  •  Bride's Custom Makeup Touch Up Bag- (1) complimentary MAC lipgloss, (1) MAC lipstick, Waterproof Mascara, blotting papers and other goodies for her wedding day touch up bag.
  •  Pre- Ceremony makeup touch up during all photos before the ceremony (No extra charge for multiple photo locations during photos, I go where you go! :)  )  
  • (1) Complimentary pair of Ardell lashes for Bride on wedding day
  •  (1) Complimentary pair of Ardell lashes for the Bride makeup trial/preview. 

~~BASE COST for Red Carpet VIP Makeup Service~~

(*Travel outside of Sioux Falls/Brandon would be at an additional mileage cost.  If early start, hotel charges may be added, Hair/Makeup for other Bridal party would also be at an additional charge. **Sunday Weddings may be an additional charge. Tattoo coverage is at an additional charge. See Optional add-ons page for pricing.  May upgrade lashes to MAC or Siberian Mink for an additional cost. 

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 Photo credit- Rachel Ebel Photography

Photo credit- Rachel Ebel Photography


2. Platinum Onsite Service


Thinking that you don't need the full Red Carpet VIP Onsite service, no problem, the Platinum Onsite is for you! Your makeup artist comes to you at your site, takes care of your makeup there and then leaves when she is done! This includes a small touch up bag with your lipcolor for touch up later when you need it. 
Platinum Onsite Service Includes- 

  • Detailed Contract
  • Custom Wedding Makeup (with hand applied airbrush foundation with sealer)
  • (1) Complimentary pair of lashes for Wedding Day.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 other services reserved with this to book this package or the exception. (Required services must be reserved at the same time with Bride and included into the contract. Can be 2 makeup only, 2 hair only or 1 hair and makeup. See exception below*)   

                                              ~~ Base Cost for Platinum Onsite ~~

* Exception to 2 other service minimum- Bride may reserve this Package for $340 just by herself without any other service requirements) *Travel outside of Sioux Falls/Brandon/Tea city limits would be at an additional stand gov rate mileage cost.  **If early start, hotel charges may be added. Hair/Makeup for any other Bridal party would also be at an additional charge. **Sunday weddings will be additional weekend charges. **Makeup Preview may be added on to this package, See Optional Add Ons. **Tattoo coverage is at an additional charge. See optional add-ons page for pricing **You may upgrade lashes to Mink for an additional cost) 

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The Bride comes to my studio in historical Downtown Sioux Falls the day of the wedding to get your makeup services done there. I do not travel to you for this package. You may add the Makeup Preview option to this experience. (**There is a minimum requirement of 1 Bridesmaid, Mom, etc makeup service that must be scheduled/paid in full with this wedding day Bridal makeup to reserve this experience ***  
~~Base Cost for InStudio Service ~~ 
 $85.00 (hand applied airbrush foundation with long wear sealer)

Eye Lash Ardell Additions (Natural/Glamorous)- $15.00  I have a wide variety of lashes and styles.. I also carry MAC lashes@ $20.00 and Siberian Mink Lashes @$65.00.. 

 Photo credit- Rachel Ebel Photography

Photo credit- Rachel Ebel Photography

4. ~~ ULTIMATE VIP PLATINUM CELEBRITY EXPERIENCE~~ The Ultimate VIP Platinum Star Celebrity Experience is a unique one of a kind service like no other in the SF area to cater to the Bride for her wedding day

This Experience was designed to provide the Bride with her very own personal professional Makeup Artist to take care of her makeup needs the ENTIRE DAY. It is the Ultimate in pampering and luxury. To begin the Experience, before wedding day even comes, your experience includes your Engagement Makeup option and Preview (trial) Makeup option. On Wedding day, I am there from the time the Bride needs me to start her on the wedding day morning until your first dance or right after your meal at the Reception whichever comes first. I will create your original makeup at your location, then stay with you the Bride through all the photos before the ceremony making sure you look perfect to walk down your aisle. Through wind, rain, snow, cold, heat, tears, runny noses, and more I am there to make sure you continue to look amazing!  Then after your ceremony, I am right there retouching you once again, through any after ceremony photos,  touching up your makeup or altering your makeup up for an exciting reception entrance! Then I continue to stay with you, the Bride, until you are ready to take that first dance with your new husband or retouching your look after your meal, making sure you still look fabulous!! I will leave during the first dance OR after the reception meal, whichever comes first. You The Bride will have the ULTIMATE Platinum Experience like no other and be treated like a Queen for the day with absolutely no worries of your makeup!! 

  • Engagement Makeup
  • Preview Makeup Session
  • 1 pair Complimentary  lashes for wedding day
  •  1 pair Complimentary lashes for your makeup preview.
  • Bridal Wedding Day Makeup Session (Hand applied airbrush foundation with sealer)
  • Complimentary Custom Makeup Swag Bag just for you!  (includes 2 MAC lip glosses of choice, 1 MAC lip pencil, 2  MAC Lipsticks, travel size of Hairspray, MAC Waterproof Mascara and (1) Original Beauty Blender!!)
  • Tattoo Cover is included (*depends on size, placement, coloring of tattoo if tattoo can be covered successfully) 
  •  Complimentary Groom Touch up for your guy! (this would be application of a clear shine control, sweat block, blemish coverage and/or hair wax if needed) He needs to be pampered a bit as well on his day!  
  • Pre-Ceremony Makeup touch up during all the photos before the ceremony
  • After Ceremony touch up service until the first dance or reception meal whichever comes first. (No extra charges for Multiple photo locations before the ceremony) 
  •  Detailed Wedding day Appointment Itinerary created just for you so that you know exactly what will be happening on wedding day morning. Exception-If  you have a wedding coordinator that is providing one for you, PI will use your Wedding Coordinators Day of Itinerary. 
  • Complimentary Detailed Contract 

~~ BASE COST for Ultimate Platinum Service~~ 
 (* travel mileage outside of Sioux Falls will be at an additional cost. Hotel room for early morning start may be added at an additional cost. Tattoo coverage is included if needed. Additional SD Tax 6% if applicable.)

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