Professionalism and Reliability in the Hair and Makeup Artist World

Well you can see I am not so good at updating this regularly as per the date of the last post but I am trying to get it as a routine. haha They say you have to practice something for 20 some days to get it as a habit… I am working on it slowly haha. So onto why I am writing today.. (P.S. thank you so much for taking your time to read this.. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate that so much!)

Lets talk professionalism and reliability in the hair and makeup world lately. Its getting bad and its just makes me sad that not every hmua does it or has it. Its something that has been growing steadily in the last year or so. Not sure why, I have my theories but hard to prove as determining factors. It seems from my point of view that ALOT of people entered the hair and makeup world as a hobbyist or maybe as a profession about the time You Tube and IG really got going. Its fun, exciting and humbling to create beauty and happiness for someone.. (this is part of why I love it too) but its also many people’s 15 min of fame. Gathering as many followers as you can. Its a rat race and it can be amazing and beautiful and it can also be ugly and mean as crap. Ugh but that is a whole other topic. You Tube is an amazing tool to learn about sooo many things especially makeup and hair. And sooo many people have learned how to do cool and great things with their own hair or makeup and have also learned that they can do these things on other people. BUT and I say this strongly… just because you can “do” makeup or hair doesn’t make you a professional. Being a professional hair or makeup artist involves SO MANY OTHER skills and hats. Besides just doing the hair or makeup (we all know that is supremely fun and exciting), you have the whole other business side. Namely what does it take to be a real professional hair or makeup artist that should make a difference to the client. To me some of my top things that I and I think many of the big makeup artists would agree on is ethics and morals. It seems that we are lacking in this as of lately. Just in the last few weeks, my fellow local HMUAs and I have all received frantic emails, texts or calls from brides, moms of brides, sisters of brides in search of a hair or makeup artist replacement. Many say their HMUA bailed on them, backed out, cancelled, etc. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. If you are calling yourself a pro hair or makeup artist, then you need to act like one. Now this does not include anyone that had to back out due to family emergencies, funerals, unsafe weather conditions, major illness, etc. We all have had things happen and its unfortunate but it can’t be helped. This is completely understandable. We pros, if there is a unforseen emergency, we do what we can to make sure that the Bride is taken care of the best way possible within the circumstances. I am talking about “HMUAs” who say they are pros or market themselves as a working Hair or makeup artist and bail on a bride due to a bigger dollar wedding party wanting to book them, taking a last minute vacation, double or triple booking, etc. Seriously where is their head and their continence ?! There is many other excuses that we have heard but really its getting ridiculous. And don’t get me started on sanitation issues. I will write about that more later on another day. Brides, Moms of Brides, Friends of Brides, anyone who is booking a HMUA for your event or wedding day, please please understand that cheaper or those that may not be seasoned in the wedding world, may not understand the importance and meaning of being a pro for your day. A family friend, your BF’s friend, a random makeup person on IG or FB without credentials, etc may not be the best choice for your wedding day. Not saying that there cant be great people out there but you will be taking a bigger risk with your money and your important day with someone that you may not know much about their business practices. A few pointers to remember when booking your HMUA or any vendor for your date…

1. Ask trusted people for referrals about a HMUA and make sure they have both the reliability, business experience AND being able to create your dream hair or makeup look for your day. :) Check out their reviews on FB, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Goodle, etc A responsible professional will have a pro website as well as IG, FB, ect for you to check out.
2. Once you have contacted potential HMUAs, ask questions if you have them! A good HMUA will answer any questions if you need them to. But make sure YOU take the time to read through all information they offer on their website or FB page. It can be a bit frustrating from a pro standpoint to answer questions if that the answer is on the website or in their info already. :)
3. CONTRACT- if you have a contract with your DJ, venue, ect you should have one with your HMUA a well! A contract is a great way for you the Bride and your HMUA to be on the same page and have your costs, terms, etc in an agreement. It should cover all the cost details, what will happen on wedding day, who’s getting what services, and terms of what the HMUA will be doing and not be doing. If your potential HMUA does not have a contract, you may be taking a risk in having a no show, having grey areas on wedding day or loosing your money.
4. Reliability and professionalism- This is where having a pro HMUA on your day makes the most sense. They know how to do a timeline, works well with other wedding day vendors, knows how to work quickly and efficiently. DRESSES APPROPRIATELY, (its your wedding day and should be treated as such! Ugh this one gets me.. so many inappropriate clothing choices that I have seen HMUAs come in with.. :( :( ) Gives clear communication with you, returns your messages in a timely manner, shows up early to set up and be ready on time for your services.
5. Treats your day just as importantly as if it was their own wedding day. You are not just a number in their book, or just another follower in their numbers. You know when they truly care about you.
Being a pro means so much more than just being able to create beautiful hair or makeup, its about the whole package… and no matter your budget or dream wedding, there are pros in every budget but do your homework. It can be a huge difference of your day going smoothly, having fun and no worries or having to deal with the headache of worry, loss or being upset on your day! xoxo Angelique