Prepping for Wedding and Deep Thoughts

Well I decided to try to start writing about my adventures. I have had a lot but I don't usually put them onto paper. I guess with my laid back nature, I just kinda move along in life without thinking about recording it either by pen or photos.. haha But after chatting with a great client the other day, she suggested I should write down these experiences. So if your reading this, thank you from the bottom on my heart. :) I am really sort of half introvert and half extrovert and I prefer to be behind the scenes not in front haha but occasionally I come out of my shell...           So with that today I am prepping to head out this weekend to Aberdeen for a wedding. I never get tired of this. I pretty much could eat, sleep, everything wedding. But yea can't do that.. haha... I met with Bride Lorisa a month ago to do her preview hair and makeup and what a lovely gal she is.. When she initially contacted me, she had a lot of great questions and careful in her decision. I appreciated that. This is your one amazing day and your hard earned money your spending. I am always happy to answer questions from my brides and once you get me started, I can talk your ear off. haha Thats a whole other subject. Anyway after a little conversation back and forth, Lorisa reserved her date with me. I am always humbled when I am chosen to take care of a Bride on her day. Its the best feeling :) Fast forward to her preview to when I got to meet her in person. I was super excited to learn about all her wedding details. Rustic with touch of glam, wine, golds, pheasant feathers, ball gown with sparkles!!!!  She is a doll and the most beautiful blue eyes and awesome hair. She wanted a romantic, soft makeup look with a beach wavy hair with braids and slightly pulled back. We had a great time creating her look and chatting about all those amazing details. I love getting to know my brides to really connect with them. So it makes me even more excited to see it all come together this weekend. I am traveling out tomorrow night to stay overnight in Aberdeen to be ready bright and early on Saturday for her. Its important to me to be trustworthy, on time and ready for my bride and her party. You as the bride have so much already to worry about, your wedding pros shouldn't cause you to worry anymore!!! So as I pack today as with any wedding I do, each bag is packed with deliberate focus for the bride and her party and of course, a little love. I also have detailed notes about Lorisa's hair and makeup look that I recorded at the preview so that we can re-create her look again perfectly. I know what her hair will do and not do, what her skin is like, what she liked and if anything needed to change. But for Lorisa's look, she loved everything we did, so no changes, just re-creation. I can't wait till she puts on her dress, jewelry, holds those beautiful flowers and sees her man for the first time on the morning of her wedding day, Its the best feeling in the world to know you helped make someone's dreams come true. :) XOXO Angelique